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Dou-kage Childrens Karate Club

Dou-kage childrens karate club started at the Ann Taylor Centre as part of a summer scheme offering workshops to some of Hackney's most amazing, energetic and committed children.  

Moving on, it then progressed to it's current form.  The club was formed by husband and wife team Morvia and Robbie.  

Sensei Robbie has been doing karate since he was a teenager and he has never stopped the practice.  He says 'karate gives me a sense of calm, balance, physical and mental fitness and absolute confidence'  some of which I try to impart in my sessions with my students.

Ours is a family club and there is a sense of family within.   We aim to improve

co-ordination, concentration, physical fitness and balance. It's a strong but caring environment, producing happy and commited students who are positively encouraged to do their best.

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